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2009-09-28 05:33:15 by Dqws

Finally working on another game, called reflection!
an idea of buster60, Graphics by him and prog by me, it's going to rock!
The concept of the game will not be revealed here, but expect the game in about a week or so :P


2009-02-15 09:36:24 by Dqws



2008-12-20 12:19:06 by Dqws

This is How I look. I know you think I'm Sexy. I know you think I'm young. I know you think I don't have a girlfriend. I know you think I'm looking for one.
And all of those are correct :D


AS Main

2008-09-13 10:35:28 by Dqws



2008-08-10 15:13:12 by Dqws

There's first time for everything,
first girlfriend,
first kiss,
first sex,
first breakup,

And of course, hows not: first flash submission.
because it was pretty hard for me to acomplish anthing in flash, I have decided to make an hentai slideshow, which took me about 3 days to make, and its pretty decent for a first Flash.

Im very proud of my slideshow, no matter what they say.
Please leave comments As a "Ive Been here" Mark.
All Such(^) Comments will be welcomed.

The List.

2008-08-08 13:03:06 by Dqws

The Great List of Things i Like:

- Turkey.
- Shooter Games.
- Girls.
- Girls Who like girls who also like guys.


2008-07-29 04:43:01 by Dqws

Anyone that likes Bananas should die!
Any person who like applejice should live!
Any guy that likes girls should live!
Any gay that likes gays should die now!
Any girl that likes girls/guys should live and contact me!
Any man that likes cherry should play Slide-A-Lama!
Any human-being that likes watermelon should have a Beach-House!

And any Human who likes me, should say so or live in pain!